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Monica Varela is a designer who looks beyond the conventional. Her passion for the art of jewelry stems from over a decade after an enrapturing encounter with vibrant colors hidden inside electrical streetwires. Mind blown by this abstract notion, she set her evolving artistry in motion and designed her very first collection. Growing up with famous artist and father, Fernando Varela, Monica was bound to an artistic environment that inevitably developed her keen eye to detail.

Monica’s aspiration to attain artistry in innovative jewelry techniques kicked off as early as in her teenage years. She then delved into the future of 3D printed technology when attending IED, Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano, and self-induced to refine her expertise with a Degree in Jewelry from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. Intrigued by evolution, she further concentrated her studies in Anthropology, an aspect rooted in her eponymous brand’s DNA.

Her fascination for colors, materials, and evolution are the seeds to an anatomical world branching out of her own imagination. Monica’s eccentric art infuses an elevated blend of traditional jewelry techniques, 3D printed elements and microscopic detailing for the discerning artwear seeker.

Monica Varela’s inner quest is to create statement pieces that do not gloom, but complement women with an opulent presence.


An unapologetically bold brand that rejects the notion of the ordinary, awakens sensuality, and evokes a keenness to modern art. Delicately elevating traditional jewelry craftsmanship with a curious fusion of cutting-edge and exquisite detailing, the evolving art of Monica Varela jewelry is made for the modern risk taker who arrays herself at all times in empowering artwear. Monica Varela is deeply rooted from an anatomical world that infuses everyday life with abstract art while reminiscing nature.


Carefully handmade and conceptually designed with exquisite detailing, Monica Varela jewelry is made with fine gold and sterling silver plating.

Working close with master artisans, Monica Varela has elevated traditional jewelry techniques by incorporating microscopic fibers and 3D printed elements.