Cultivating Beauty

Nurturing Communities

Sustaining Nature

Driven by our values, we are on a mission to evolve more words into more actions, taking meaningful steps towards a brighter future.
In our journey of continual growth, our commitment deepens to make an increasingly positive impact, safeguarding the beauty of our planet and people with the same care and passion that we pour upon our jewels.


Through responsible sourcing of materials and meticulous craftsmanship, we uphold integrity and longevity in everything we create.


We empower our community through accountable, transparent practices, prioritizing care in every decision to foster growth and well-being.


Together, we dare to make a meaningful impact, knowing that collective action leads to lasting change.

our Allies

Our foremost focus is on partnering with local miners and artisans who align with our ethical values and standards. Crafted locally, our jewelry proudly bears the distinguished “Made in Dominican Republic” seal accredited by the MICM (Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and SMEs of the Dominican Republic).

We’re devoted to increasing transparency in our trusted supplier networks, ensuring all our jewelry manufacturing and social practices continue to have a positive impact.

In our ongoing journey, we've taken these initiatives:

Recyclable & Reusable Packaging

Effortlessly blend sustainability with style using our 100% recyclable signature packaging, featuring reusable pouches, shopping bags and jewelry boxes perfect for everyday use and travel.

Minimizing Use of Paper

We embrace the digital age with us as we strive to reduce paper consumption through enhanced digital communication methods, promoting eco-conscious practices every step of the way.

Solid-Waste Management

Guided by "La Fundación Sostenibilidad 3Rs," we implement waste management by categorizing decomposable materials at all our locations, ensuring a clean future for our communities.

Promoting Social Responsibility

Our commitment extends beyond products; we place emphasis on the well-being of our team, collaborators, artisans, and partners, fostering a culture of care and social responsibility.

Responsible Material Sourcing

We ethically and responsibly source our semi-precious gemstones, unique to our island, while supporting local artisans and families and contributing to the Dominican economy.

Enduring and Meaningful Actions

Adopting a circular approach, we minimize waste through maintenance services that extend product lifespans, aligning with sustainability and minimizing emissions for the well-being of our planet and people.

Leading towards a cleaner and conscious planet.

We're proud to unveil our Seaglass Collection.

A mindful testament to our dedication to sustainability, positive impact, and promises.

Each piece not only embodies elegance but also contributes to our mission of cleaning Dominican beaches in partnership with the Sustainability 3Rs Foundation.