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An unapologetically bold brand that rejects the notion of the ordinary, awakens sensuality, and evokes a keenness to modern art. Delicately elevating traditional jewelry craftsmanship with a curious fusion of cutting-edge and exquisite detailing, the evolving art of Monica Varela jewelry is made for the modern risk taker who arrays herself at all times in empowering artwear. Monica Varela is deeply rooted from an anatomical world that infuses everyday life with abstract art while reminiscing nature.

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Carefully handmade and conceptually designed with exquisite detailing, Monica Varela jewelry is made with fine gold and sterling silver plating.

Working close with master artisans, Monica Varela has elevated traditional jewelry techniques by incorporating microscopic fibers and 3D printed elements.

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Monica Varela set her artistry in motion with Evolution, a magnetic collection that rejects the ordinary, and compliments women with an opulent presence.

The intricate anatomy of seeds serves as the catalyst to this evolving sphere. Each of its eight series—Hurita, Emzu, Eslie, Falie, Laroe, Luzhem, Uluzui, and Yoem— reflects distinct states of mind, and was curated with a microscopic eye to detail. Bounded by the inner quest to infuse everyday life with abstract art while reminiscing nature.

Monica Varela’s iconic series is Hurita, mastering the evolution from classics to bold statement pieces. Playful pieces that were intricately designed with Monica Varela’s symbolic perforated spheres and stackable styling. The Hurita series is for the modish woman who carries herself with everlasting elegance. Gives the perfect eccentric touch to the classic discerning woman who is always on the go, and ready for any occasion.

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